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Omotayo "Shola" Omojokun
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B.S. in Computer Science (May 2006) | GPA: 3.86
School of Engineering | Virginia Commonwealth University - Richmond, VA
Magna Cum Laude | Special University Honors | Presidential Scholar | Bill Goodwin Scholar

Professional Training
Learning Tree courses in the following areas:  C# Programming | Enterprise Web Development | Oracle PL/SQL

Skills (alphabetical order)
Analytics | Browser Extensions | CMS Plugins | Cross-Browser Compatibility | Database-Driven Applications | e-Commerce | Graphic Design | Online Video Platforms | Responsive Design | Web Development | Website Optimization

Languages and Platforms (alphabetical order)
ActionScript | AJAX | ASP.NET | C# | CodeIgniter | CSS3 | Eclipse | Flash | HTML5 | Illustrator | Java | Javascript | Joomla | jQuery | MS SQL Server | MVC | MySQL | Netbeans | Oracle | Photoshop | PHP | REST | Subversion | Umbraco | Visual Studio | WordPress

  • Front-end/Back-end Web Developer At Reingold Inc. (2014 - Present)
  • Web, Software, and Design Consultant (2003 - 2014)
Over 10 years of experience. My clients have spanned city governments, educational institutions, celebrity hair stylists, and startups.  The following is a diverse sample of projects that illustrate some of my individual skills and talents. 

Websites (Back-end Development | Front-end Development | Graphic Design)
  • - Official website for NFL Football Operations, which takes a behind-the-scenes look at the game. I was lead developer for a great team at Reingold Inc.
    (ASP.NET MVC | C# | CSS | Javascript | MS SQL Server | Umbraco | Vimeo)
  • - An ecommerce site for New York Vintners, which sells wine and wine classes. I was part of a great team at Reingold Inc.
    (ASP.NET | C# | CSS | Javascript | MS SQL Server )
  • - Official website for Petersburg Redevelopment and Housing Authority (PRHA). Displays news, contact information, and career opportunities for PRHA.
    (CSS | Javascript | Joomla | MySQL | Photoshop | PHP)
  • – Music blog aggregator and acoustic feature based recommendation system; manages several millions of data points. 
    (ASP.NET | C# | CSS | Javascript | MS SQL Server | Photoshop)
  • - Official website for Ashley McFarlin Buie, an author, TV producer and talent manager based in New York (managed by B.Green Media).
    (CSS | Javascript | MySQL | Photoshop | PHP | WordPress)
  • - Online children's educational portal. Children learn common courtesy and values through animated lessons and quizzes.
    (CodeIgniter | CSS | Javascript | Flash | MySQL | PHP || Graphics were provided)
 Enterprise Software
  • Data Analysis and Reporting System - Custom software for generating grade school accountability reports for a public charter school district with over 100 charter schools. The reports were also displayed on a website that I also built.
  • Student Curriculum Notification System - A secure and convenient platform for university officials to track student progress for advisement and graduation.
    (ASP.NET | SQL Server | Photoshop)
Plugins and Extensions
I have built plugins and extensions that have leveraged third-party technologies like Constant Contact API, YouTube API, and Vimeo API.

Versatile web, software, and design consultant with over ten years of success in delivering innovative solutions to the IT needs of small to large organizations.